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Big News for Thursday Symposium & More

Big News for Thursday Symposium & More
Alright Alright Alright, keep stacking those sats man.

Symposium I: The Importance of Bitcoin with Parker Lewis & Kyle Murphy

Parker Lewis is the Head of Business Development of Unchained Capital 

Sept 2nd is going to be epic. Parker Lewis will be at Thursday's Pleb Symposium to talk with Kyle.

We are in for an amazing event.

Make sure to sign up.

Update 2: Austin Bitcoin Club gets a Telegram Group

Keep Austin Pleb is also on twitter.

You ask Plebs and you shall receive. Last meetup we heard an overwhelming amount of need for a Telegram Group. Several people asked just for a place Austin Plebs could go ask the bitcoin community basic everyday Pleb questions or to just hang out and talk bitcoin really in "chat" style format.

Well we built a Telegram Group.

In the future will use this chat to communicate meetups and events outside of the once a month Symposiums.

Head over to Keep Austin Pleb or use the QR code.

Keep Austin Pleb Telegram Group

If you do not have Telegram it is available on all the apps including desktop and mobile here.

See ya Thursday,