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Pleb Symposium II - Recap

Pleb Symposium II - Recap

Hello Plebs, thanks for coming out on the 15th! We had our biggest gathering of Plebs ever! Shout out to Francis for guest speaking and the entire Bull Bitcoin team for coming out to the event. Make sure to go thank Francis on twitter for giving us his time and also shout out the Bull Bitcoin team as well.

ABC - Pleb Symposium II 

We have officially released the third episode of the Austin Bitcoin Club Podcast. Check out our recap episode of Oct 15th Pleb Symposium.

Also please subscribe to it and leave a 5 star review, those are very important. We like to read the reviews.

Also shout out to all the people who came out to the #KeepAustinPleb event. No Country For Bitcoiners on October 23rd.

Our first ever #KeepAustinPleb event. Sign up for our newsletter will be having more of these at least once every month.

We launched a new site and we are excited to announce the Bitcoin projects and Bitcoin developers that are working out of Pleb Lab.

We also have news about Pleb Lab. Its officially launched if you missed the announcement make sure to read the news. It got released all over Bitcoin...seems like Austin Bitcoin Scene is making waves yall! Pleb movement is happening and its because of each one of yall!

Also sign up for next month's meetup its on Thursday, November 4th, 2021. The Pleb Symposium III. We have a new event we can't wait for you to see coming up in November and December!