History of ABC

Kyle and Car started Austin Bitcoin Club in June of 2021. Car had the idea for a bitcoin club in March of 2021 but didn't create it till he met Kyle that summer. Kyle and Car are just like you, a couple of Plebs looking to hang out and start a fantastic Bitcoin Club in their town. These days, they both work full-time running a bitcoin hackerspace/accelerator at PlebLab, where they run bitcoin workshops and events and help developers/entrepreneurs create bitcoin companies in Austin. They passed on ABC to Michael Atwood, who currently runs the Austin Bitcoin Club, with help from Logan and Erika.

Everything we do here is funded 100% by the Plebs and our Sponsors.

Interested in volunteering, attending a symposium, or sponsoring the Austin Bitcoin Club?

If you want to contact the people who run the Austin Bitcoin Club.
Find them on Bitcoin Twitter.

Find us on Meetup.

Join Keep Austin Pleb Telegram.

  • In the future, this chat will be used to communicate meetups and events outside the once-a-month Symposiums.
  • Link for Telegram Group

Reach out to Michael, Erica, or Logan below:

anything business dev related, speaking at a symposium, sponsorship for ABC, etc.

Anything marketing & media related, community-focused, assisting with out-of-town Bitcoin club or meetup, volunteering as a Pleb.

Please give us time to respond. We receive lots of inbound these days. Coming to ABC Symposium is the absolute best way to talk with us. Email is the 2nd best way to reach us directly. DMs on Twitter are great but will take longer to respond.