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Austin Bitcoin Club - Privacy & Security

Austin Bitcoin Club - Privacy & Security


This month we're focusing on PRIVACY & SECURITY. Privacy is a human right; It is something that is neither given, nor taken away. As the world becomes increasingly digital, so too does it become increasingly surveilled. With cash going away and Central Bank Digital (Surveillance) Currencies (CBDCs) on the rise, what role does digital cash, Bitcoin, play?

We'll also be discussing the importance of not only securing your bitcoin, but doing so safely and effectively by removing any single point of failure.

As always, food and drinks will be provided!

The Austin Bitcoin Club is a monthly gathering of Bitcoiners from all walks of life. We are building a space to facilitate connections, idea development, and most importantly, creating a strong sense of community from which we may all draw support.

Bitcoin is for everyone, and together we'll make sure that vision comes to life starting right here with the orange-pilling of our beautiful city, Austin.

We intend to grow alongside our community. So, with that in mind, come help us grow! Bring your ideas, bring your passions, and together we'll build the future we all know is possible through Bitcoin.

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We'd like to thank Unchained Capital and Bitcoin Commons for sponsoring Austin Bitcoin Club.

This month we're focusing Privacy & Security.

⚡ Securing Your Bitcoin
Phil Geiger, Managing Director of Concierge at Unchained Capital, will talk with us about the importance and nuance of securing your bitcoin, reducing single points of failure through multisig, and perform a live demo of Caravan, an open source multisig coordinator.

⚡ Bitcoin Privacy Panel
Let's dive deep into the importance of privacy, the nuance of using bitcoin privately, how lightning network improves upon this, and why developers are hard at work to enhance bitcoin privacy best practices through code and user experience.

Moderated By: TBA.

🟠 Ben Carman is a bitcoin core contributor, co-founder and backend engineer at The Bitcoin Company, OP_RETURN Bot creator, and lightning privacy advocate & researcher currently working on Lightning Vortex 👀

Find more from Ben here.

🟠 Tony Giorgio is a lightning developer and researcher currently hacking away at the privacy-first lightning wallet, Mutiny.

🟠 Paul Miller is a frontend engineer at Voltage, lightning researcher, and Mutiny Wallet contributor. Check out his github and fantastic blog.

You can also buy Azteco bitcoin vouchers on-site via BitRamp. Bring your cash and receive bitcoin vouchers you can use to instantly receive bitcoin in your wallet. It's that simple. How does it work?

See y'all there!


You can also buy KYC-free bitcoin on-site via BitRamp. Bring your cash and get bitcoin into your wallet. It's that simple.

See y'all there!

Thank you to Unchained and Bitcoin Commons for taking care of us Plebs. Also, let your friends know! Let's show them how amazing these Austin Bitcoin Club symposiums are.‌‌

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