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Austin Bitcoin Club Podcast

Austin Bitcoin Club Podcast
Kyle recording the first ever Austin Bitcoin Club podcast.

Hello Plebs, thanks for coming out last night! What an amazing time we had.

Kyle & Car introducing the Austin Bitcoin Club at the Genesis Meetup.

Someone mentioned last night we need to start implementing media into the Austin Bitcoin Club. Ask and you shall receive. Starting today we are happy to announce the Austin Bitcoin Club Podcast. Check out our first episode below.

Look for more future episodes...soon. Want to come on the podcast. Shoot us an email we'd love to record you on one.

We just launched this today so look for it to start showing up on all your favorite podcast apps here in the next couple days. Also please subscribe to it and leave a 5 star review, those are very important.

Also sign up for next month's meetup its on Thursday, September 2, 2021. The Pleb Symposium begins.

Keep Austin Pleb,