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Austin Bitcoin Club - Lower Your Time Preference

Austin Bitcoin Club - Lower Your Time Preference

This month we're focusing on Time Preference and Building Your Legacy.

The world we live in is fixated on the here and now. With everything at our fingertips, riddled with get-rich-quick schemes, fast food, and seemingly endless credit, time preference is increasingly higher, and hope for the future is trending to zero.

Let's discuss the concept of time preference, the scarcity of time, and economizing it today to give yourself and others more hope for the future.

Lower your time preference and leave the world in a better place than where you found it. Bitcoin is a tool to build your legacy.

As always, food and drink will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to RSVP so we can better prepare.

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We'd like to thank Unchained Capital, Voltage, and Bitcoin Commons for sponsoring Austin Bitcoin Club.

This month we're focusing on time preference and building your legacy.

⚡ Lower Your Time Preference Fireside Chat
We're thrilled to have Saifedeam Ammous at the Bitcoin Commons this month. Father Time Preference will be joining Marty Bent on a deep dive into the importance of time preference and its impact on future generations.

Bitcoin is hope for millions and inevitably billions of people worldwide. Lower your time preference and learn why hard money and low time preference are a match made in heaven.

🟠 Saifedean Ammous is the author of The Bitcoin Standard, The Fiat Standard, the forthcoming Principles of Economics, and the host of The Bitcoin Standard Podcast.
🟠 Marty Bent is the founder of TFTC, a media company focused on Bitcoin and Freedom in the Digital Age, Venture Partner at Ten31, and Director at Cathedra Bitcoin.

⚡ Bitcoin IRA
Drake Whitehurst is the IRA Operations Manager at Unchained Capital. He'll walk us through tax-advantaged bitcoin savings accounts with no third-party risk or single points of failure.

You can also buy Azteco bitcoin vouchers on-site via BitRamp. Bring your cash and receive bitcoin vouchers you can use to accept bitcoin in your wallet instantly. It's that simple. How does it work?

See you all there!


You can also buy KYC-free bitcoin on-site via BitRamp. Bring your cash and get bitcoin into your wallet. It's that simple.

See you all there!

PlebLab's bitcoin hackerspace/accelerator is now open! Be sure to visit them for one of their many events on Meetup!