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Austin Bitcoin Club Talking Bitcoin Mining + Community

Austin Bitcoin Club Talking Bitcoin Mining + Community

The Austin Bitcoin Club is happening this Thursday at the Bitcoin Commons. We will have Michael Atwood founder of Oshi hosting the Pleb Symposium with special guests Chad Harris, Mitch Klee, Nick.

This month we are focusing on Bitcoin Mining + Community.

Nick will kick us off with an intro to pleb mining. He'll show us how to set up a bitcoin miner (Antminer s9) using SlushPool and Braiins OS open-source mining firmware from start to finish!

Donate to open source developers for a chance to win the bitcoin miner!

We'll be raffling off the Bitcoin s9 miner above, compliments of Kaboomracks, during the evening as well. Raffle tickets can be paid for with bitcoin! No bitcoin? No problem, we can get you some on-site.

  • 10,000 satoshis (~$3) for 1 ticket.
  • 35,000 satoshis (~$10) for 5 tickets.

All raffle proceeds will be immediately donated to OpenSats, a 501(c)(3) public charity which aims to fund Bitcoin-related free and open source projects and associated education and research initiatives.

⚡⛏️Next up, we'll have a Bitcoin Mining + Community Panel with both plebs and experts in the field.

-Chad Harris, AKA GigaChad, CEO of Whinstone US, the largest bitcoin mining operation in North America.
-Mitch Klee, Mining Analyst at Compass Mining
-Nick, software engineer at Galoy and humble pleb miner.
-1-2 other guests you won't want to miss :)

As always, come hungry and thirsty. Drinks and tacos provided! 🌮🍻

See everyone there! Bring your friends.


Thank you to Unchained for taking care of us Plebs. Also let your friends know! Lets show them how amazing these Austin Bitcoin Club symposiums are.‌‌

Also every Friday at ⚡️PlebLab
701 Brazos on the 16th floor
starting at 5:30pm
We are throwing a 🌮 taco party with the Plebs.
Come down and hang with us for PBS!

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