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Austin Bitcoin Club - Earning Bitcoin

Austin Bitcoin Club - Earning Bitcoin

The Austin Bitcoin Club is happening this Thursday at the Bitcoin Commons. We will have Kevin Rooke moderating the Pleb Symposium with special guests Keyan Kousha, Lyle Pratt, Jose Burgos and Justin Rezvani.


This month we're focusing on EARNING BITCOIN through the value for value model! You can now passively earn Bitcoin in a variety of ways by contributing to its rapidly growing network effect. Learn how it works and what it means for the future.

The Austin Bitcoin Club is a monthly gathering of Bitcoiners from all walks of life. We are building a space to facilitate connections, idea development, and most importantly, creating a strong sense of community from which we may all draw support.

Bitcoin is for everyone, and together we'll make sure that vision comes to life starting right here with the orange-pilling of our beautiful city, Austin.

We intend to grow alongside our community. So, with that in mind, come help us grow! Bring your ideas, bring your passions, and together we'll build the future we all know is possible through Bitcoin.

⚡ Podcasting 2.0 Demonstration
Jose of Unchained Capital and host of the Talking in Bits podcast will be demonstrating how to setup, connect, and manage your podcast using podcasting 2.0, as well as how to earn bitcoin by listening to podcasts already plugged into the lightning network.

⚡ Earning Bitcoin Panel (Value for Value)
Let's dive deep into the incentives of traditional social media, content creation, and user engagement to learn how bitcoin and the lightning network enables a revolutionary way to power platforms and empower creators.

Moderated By: Kevin Rooke, lightning network analyst, investor, writer, and host of The Kevin Rooke Show podcast.

🟠 Keyan Kousha is the founder Stacker News and co-founder of Pleb Lab.
🟠 Lyle Pratt is the founder of VIDA, co-author of Thank God For Bitcoin, and angel investor.
🟠 Justin Rezvani is the founder of Zion, author of Unapologetic Freedom, and entrepreneur.


You can also buy KYC-free bitcoin on-site via BitRamp. Bring your cash and get bitcoin into your wallet. It's that simple.

See y'all there!

Thank you to Unchained for taking care of us Plebs. Also let your friends know! Lets show them how amazing these Austin Bitcoin Club symposiums are.‌‌

Also every Friday at Bitcoin Commons
We are throwing a 🌮 taco party with the Plebs.
Come down and hang with us for PBS!
Everything starts at 5:30pm

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