What is Austin Bitcoin Club?

We are a local Austin Bitcoin Club for the plebs. In the Bitcoin Mecca Capital of Texas.

The Austin Bitcoin Club is a once monthly gathering of Bitcoiners from all walks of life. We are building a space for fostering connections, idea development, and most importantly creating a strong sense of community from which we may all draw support. Bitcoin is for everyone and together we'll make sure that vision comes to life starting right here with the orange pilling of our beautiful city, Austin Texas.

Each month will start with an educational introduction going over important topics related to the journey of a Bitcoiner such as: why Bitcoin is important, how to choose cold storage, running a node, and the use cases of lightning network to name a few.

We intend to grow along side our community, so with that in mind, come help us grow. Bring your ideas, bring your passions, and together we'll build the future we all know is possible through Bitcoin.

Discussions are a "Free For All" be prepared with topics you want to discuss. If it's your first time here, will encourage you to introduce yourself. Have fun, relax, meet others and support the local Austin Bitcoin Community.

This website will host articles by local Austin Bitcoiners who want to share the knowledge to other plebs. If you want to subscribe to our monthly meetup page head over HERE.